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ATI Online Accounting

Most accounting systems are only partially integrated – if at all – with the rest of a company’s business processes. Ordinarily, this is so because there is no central database which ties all a company’s processes together.

ATI, with its central web-based database, offers a solution to this common situation. ATI’s hosted Always-On-Line Accounting System integrates naturally with ATI’s hosted Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management, Employee Relations Management and all electronically captured sales transactions.

ATI’s full general ledger accounting system, has been developed under the direction of the Alas Group & Horwath International CPAs. They stand ready to assist in the design of any specialty accounting and reporting functions that may be required.

The Alas Group & Horwath is a member firm of Horwath International, the 8th largest group of independent accounting and business consultancy firms. Its international network consists of more than 400 offices in 90 countries throughout the world. More than 17,000 partners and staff are committed to quality service accounting service.

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