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ATI Content Management

The ATI Content Management System allows you or anyone in your organization to nange your web site information through a web browser.

You can have complete control of your publishing workflow by delegating authoring and approval roles to any member of your company on any part of your website.

Content is stored in XML which allows you to present information in various formats and platforms. Your pages can be easily served as PDF, Word or WAP documents.

Editing is also a breeze with the ATI CMS. You can use the default WYSIWYG editor which works just like your regular work processor. You can also import your exisiting Word documents preserving it's original formatting.

Available Modules

Photo Gallery
Allows you to present your photos in an organized manner. Thumbnails are automatically created upon upload.
Provides your site visitors with for form for referring their friends to your site. Great for word-of-mouth marketing.
Data Source Integration
Allows you to connect to any SQL or CSV data source and integrate your tabular data on any page.
RSS/Atom Feeds
Gives you the ability to publish your site content for newsreaders or for syndication in other websites.