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Marketing and Business Process Consulting

Our experience has shown that many clients requiring web-based improvements to their business processes and/or to their marketing programs require consulting assistance prior to commencing a WebServices engagement.  The better, more professional, the understanding of a company’s needs and opportunities, the better focused and more successful the WebServices design and deployment.

With this in mind, ATI offers its existing and prospective WebServices clientele:

ATI’s Business Process Consulting, is designed to first identify and evaluate those company operational processes being considered for a WebServices application.  This can include one or more of the following:

  • Raw material ordering, receiving and inventory procedures;
  • Manufacturing materials requirements and process management;
  • Finished goods handling, distribution and inventory management;
  • Sales order and delivery management;
  • Commission sales calculations, payments and management control reporting;
  • Accounting, reporting and audit requirements;
  • Customer recordkeeping and data mining processes; and
  • Those other business processes essential to the survival and success of the enterprise.

ATI’s Marketing Consulting focuses upon identifying the ways in which the company currently markets its products and services.  From this base, we can then explore the many ways in which the internet can be used to best advantage. 

The consulting engagements often include one or more of the following analytical dimensions:

  • Defining the products and services being offered, in terms of the functional benefits offered the company’s customers and clientele;
  • Identifying the markets to which these products and services are being sold;
  • Identifying those markets which offer additional sales potential;
  • Identifying all current marketing techniques, systems and channels being used, including their current costs;
  • Identifying the potential benefits from and likely costs of new marketing programs;
  • Focusing upon the way in which existing customer data is being captured, used and mined for its additional sales potential;
  • Examining the existing packaging and presentation processes for products and services offered and identifying possible improvements; and
  • Identifying and analyzing all other marketing-related company processes, in preparation for recommending which WebServices – if any – may best benefit the company’s bottom line.

As  mentioned earlier, the better that the above analyses are performed, the more focused and more likely successful will be the design and deployment of ATI’s WebServices.

ATI’s Consulting Team will be lead by Larry Bortles, a 40-year consulting and entrepreneurial professional who, amongst his accomplishments, created the modern day real estate consulting practice for a “Big 5” international accounting and consulting company.  ATI’s consulting team includes business and marketing professionals in the USA, Bermuda and the Philippines.