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E-commerce Web Marketing

Your competitors are probably using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to be more visible online. If you don't know what that is, you are in trouble.

Knowing and using SEO/Web Marketing can improve your company's online visibility and branding. It can give you edge over competitors and positively influence sales.

We can help you be more 'visible' on the web through our web marketing services:

Site Analysis

An overall analysis will be first done on the client’s site to assess what is needed to best optimize it for the search engines. Based on this analysis the proposal will be adjusted to include the necessary work to be done. This may include: design, layout, navigation, colors, background, fonts, images, broken links, meta tags, web copy, html validation, browser and resolution compatibility, loading times, search engine rankings, site statistics and creating error pages.

KeyWords Research

One basic step in search engine optimization is keyword research. Competitive keywords relating to the site and unique to the domain will be analyzed. Keyword research will then be done to maximize the impact of search engine optimization. When a website ranks well, more relevant customers come to the site leading to an increase in conversions and hence income for the site.


SEO copywriting the process of rewriting the text on the site in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly while remaining appealing to end- users. Keywords relevant to the site will be optimized so that it would rank high when search engines visit it.

Meta information will be used to provide additional information about HTML documents so that the search engine crawlers will be able to index the information more accurately.

There are 3 important types of Meta tags as far as search engine optimization is concerned:

- Title tag:

These are words or phrases that would appear in the title of the page in the hyperlink listings on the search engine results. The goal is to include specific keywords or key phrases in the title tag that best describe the contents of the page.

- Meta description tag

The Meta description tag would give a short and concise summary of the content of the web page. The description appears in the Search Engines just below the title tag. The goal is to ensure the meta description tag is brief but includes some of the top keywords. Each page will be customized so all the web pages will not have the same meta tag descriptions.

- Meta keywords tag

Although not as relevant as the other tags mentioned above, the Meta keywords tag is still recognized by some Search Engines.

Link Building

This includes promotional aspects such as link request emails, directory submission, ad buying and online public relations. There is also a development of the specific “hooks” to make link acquisition targets more likely to convert.

Marketing Strategy Development

This involves identification of target markets, building the right relationships and image. The goal is to appeal to niche audiences in the innovator and early adopter demographics in order to build client organization’s visibility and branding.

Link Bait Development

Linkbait is the use of content, creativity and what’s popular and to get links from popular places right now on the web. The goal is to get websites to link to your site through various methods. Essentially, website content should be valuable enough to get attention. Several known linkbait hooks include:

  • News hook
  • Contrary Hook
  • Attack Hook
  • Resource Hook
  • Humour Hook
  • Contest Hook