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ATI WebServices Overview

ATI WebServices

The key to our powerful difference we offer our clients is the elegance of their having a single Internet-Based Central Database that provides the data required by all the corporate accounting, measurement and management reporting functions.

With transaction data needing to be entered only once, the errors introduced by data re-entry are entirely eliminated, along with the direct cost of that work.

With this approach, we can take instructions from our clients on what performance information, what input and output formats that they may require, and quickly design and deliver exactly what they will find most relevant and comfortable to use. The organization does not have to bend and change to fit the constraints of the software purchased.

And it eliminates altogether the need for the corporate executives and staff to deal with issues of trying to get their different software "talking" with each other - which is the expensive Integration Issue.


With our webservices approach, our clients will not be required to support an expensive IT Department that normally spends at least 70% of its time cobbling together ways in which disparate software packages can - often inadequately - share information with each other. Such a structure is prone to failure, as I expect you may have experienced in your professional career.

Integration Fall

Our central web-based database is an elegant solution to these problems.

From a sales and implementation perspective, a client does not have to put aside all his existing software to begin to take advantage of our webservices. He can start with only one module, and add more as he finds his needs will be best served by adding more modules of functionality. Good times to consider this are when existing software is in need of an expensive upgrade; new types of services are being added; or new marketing programs are being envisioned.

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